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“Erik is an expert when it comes to strategy, business plans and finance.”
        Mo Fredericks,
        PharmD, MSHI, MHA

“Several of Erik’s tools and tips were game changers for me.”
        Heather (Jahn) Magallanes,
        MHA, LSSB, AMA-CPM
        Senior Manager, Centene Corporation

About Erik

Hi. I’m Erik and it’s terrific to see you here.

After an amazing 20-year journey that included an MBA at The Wharton School, investment banking on Wall Street and running my financial consulting firm I created a successful exit plan and walked away.

I moved back to my hometown in Rochester, NY to enjoy the four seasons, fly fish and live a quality life with great friends and family.

I created Thinkaday, Inc. to simplify your solopreneur strategy so you can build your venture on your terms.

Your solopreneur gig requires:

  • A smart strategy
  • A smart plan

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Erik Duncan, author of Solopreneur Doorway

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Here are a few of the resources I use every day to write, teach and operate Thinkaday. 

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