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Strategy to grow solo biz

It takes courage and patience to build your solo biz strategy.

And I know it’s tempting to copy a creator that tells you they have $10K – $100K of top line sales per month.

Creators use the “look at our sales” strategy to attract clients. I suggest you go another way.

In my experience, it’s best to let your unique solutions and process attract clients.

Folks stood in line to buy the iPhone because it combined multiple devices into one.
Not because Apple told us how much it earned selling iPhones.

Folks flew Southwest Air because their strategy saved passengers money.
Not because Southwest told us how much they made from ticket sales.

Stay true to your purpose, mission and unique solutions.

You’ll be ahead of the game and clients will work with you.

This past week I had several online chats with incredible solopreneurs who are trying to match their skillset to a problem and solution.

Many struggle to use their skills to create a successful service or product-based business.

Once we put 5 steps in motion, solopreneurs gain momentum and clients take notice.

Even if you have a product or service that’s generating moderate sales these 5 steps accelerate your business and gain attention from current and new clients.

5 Key Strategy Steps:

Sandbox graphic

1 – Pick the Right Sandbox

Find the sandbox where you can win without having to develop 10 new skills.

Even if you have 1 popular skill that many folks share you can get clients to notice you if you build in the right sandbox.

Pick a sandbox where you have an advantage. It’s easier.

2 – Find 1 BIG Problem

Finding the 1 BIG problem sounds difficult yet it’s actually quite simple. When you use the right strategy framework you can find this problem faster than you think.

When you solve the root cause you feel great about your service and folks remember you.

3 – Create the IF → THEN

Start with questions such as, ‘if this is true then this might be a solution.’

Most solopreneurs have an idea of what they want to build. When you combine the correct pattern of ‘IF → THEN’ statements you build a stronger process and a faster solution.

4 – Build a Solution

Build your test service or product and present it to folks in the right sandbox. Your first several attempts may be off the mark. It’s ok.

Use your skill to lean into the next version.

5 – Test & Stay Flexible

Request and applaud feedback on your first few solution ideas. If they don’t go well treat them like a bad first date. Stay flexible and keep going.

Strategy is not perfect and you can’t prove it in advance.

Dissect feedback the right way. Folks want to help you build a solution.

Eva Daniel Speech
Contact Eva.

Key Takeaways from my Interview with Eva

  1. She is a pro at separating speech content from speech delivery.
  2. She is hysterical. Eva’s sharp sense of humor reminds you to make them laugh.
  3. She is 100% passionate about giving away the best insight on public speaking skills.
  4. Her experience is a BIG advantage. Eva has assisted myriad industry leaders.
  5. She is candid. Eva admits her strengths and weaknesses and this gives her clients confidence.

5 Questions for Eva

1 / Erik:When you decided to put your business in motion did you see a gap in the marketplace?”

Eva: “I did. One is the content side of public speaking – the things you’re actually saying.

I find a lot of the time problems we think are delivery related are actually content related.

The gap I saw was that a lot of people have just never received feedback on their content.”

2 / Erik:How do you find clients look at your solutions versus somebody else that might focus on content creation?” 

Eva: What <compels> people to hire me is I give so much away for free. I want to help you. I want to see you thrive as a speaker regardless of if we work together or not.

I always custom my one-on-one consulting to where you are <in your speaking journey>.

Cool Tools for your Solo Biz

This week I extended my dive into AI writing tools. I took Claude 2 by Anthropic for a test drive.

I believe Claude 2 does a better job on early stage content than ChatGPT.

Yes, you need to edit and amend as with all AI writing tools. Out of the gate I find the Claude 2 text more ‘interesting’ than ChatGPT.

I’ve started to dive into video production with Descript.

It’s intuitive and easy for the video newbie (that’s me).

I’ll share more on the video production process as I learn.

Here are a few of the newsletters, freelance writers and podcasts I admire and read.

(*I have no affiliate links or business ties to these folks)

Brian O’Connor writes a stellar newsletter on strategy.

👉 Explore Brian’s sharp, helpful content at Outlier Growth:

Ahref’s gives me the latest on SEO.
Their newsletter informs and motivates me to up my SEO game.

Check their insight here.

⚡ Eva’s Valuable Takeaways, here…

3 / Erik:Let us know the best business advice you may have received as you were starting to put your ideas in motion and construct an enterprise?” 

Eva: “There’s two. A business coach said, ‘spend your time, especially this first year, focusing on the three things that only you can do. Focus on content creation, working with clients and networking.’

The second piece of advice was from my friend, Steve Woodruff. He told me that people buy systems, strategies and frameworks.

You need to figure out a way to say things that are sticky or memorable.”

4 / Erik: “Share 1 or 2 bullet points, Eva, on why a public speech is so powerful for conveying a message on behalf of an individual or a company.”

Eva: “People crave authenticity and vulnerability and having someone deliver their message in person. I think we all have a little bit of healthy skepticism towards the TikTok reel you see or anything else.

What makes public speaking thrive as an industry is that it brings a greater level of authenticity, relatability and vulnerability.”

5 / Erik:If you had a chance to sit in front of a hundred enthusiastic, energetic folks who wanted to build a business what advice you would give them today?”

Eva: “Focus on building your personal brand and start networking in person as soon as you can. Send folks a message, send them a DM and jump on a call for 10 or 15 minutes. Get to know people.

🔎✔️ That’s a wrap for this issue.

🚪🚶Stay curious and keep opening doors.

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